Shogun restaurant in New Orleans, LA

2325 Veterans Memorial Blvd
Metairie, LA 70002


Joe and I decided to try the toro here since this restaurant had such good reviews on yelp. That’s the problem though, we need an Asian person’s perspective for when it comes to sushi. Shaking fist in the air at yelp! The toro here was not pleasant.


I wanted to try the uni here but the uni had a rotten fish to smell to it, this should’ve been my clue to stay away from this dish. After I ate it, I was in fear all night for what my bowels would do in response.

snow crab roll

I feel like Joe and I always order the snow crab roll no matter what sushi restaurant we eat at, it’s one of our all time favorite rolls. Something about the deep friend tempura batter covered crab with rice. So delicious!

specialty roll

We got one of their specialty rolls, it was like a philadelphia roll (cream cheese and fried shrimp) with imitation crabmeat and tuna on top. This was by far my favorite dish of the night.

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