Domilise Po Boy in New Orleans

Domilise Po Boys
5240 Annunciation St.
New Orleans, LA



If you’re not careful, you’ll drive right by this place. I missed it twice! Be warned, placing your order here is a little tricky. So when you walk in, look for a ticket dispenser, they will call your number, this is when you step up to the cash register and place your order. The menu is on the wall located behind you (so on the wall to your left as you walk in) and hand-written as is New Orleans style. After you place your order, you pray and hope that a table will open up. If the Po Boy Gods allow it, you will be given a place to sit. While waiting for your food, you can yonder over to the bar where you can get your choice of assorted cold drinks and Zapp’s chips. Then your order number is called and this is when you pay for your food. Sooo, how did my experience here go? Nothing like what I just described. We did everything that you could possibly do wrong! We almost got up and left without even paying!

shrimp po boy

I went with my sandwich choice that I know will not fail, the almighty shrimp po boy. This is also my measuring stick as I go from po boy joint to po boy joint, I compare how each various establishment prepares their shrimp po boy. I’ve been to Crabby Jack’s, Parkway Tavern, Mahoney’s po boy, and Short-stop po boy. I would say that my favorite was Crabby Jack’s until today! Move over Jack! I’ve got a new favorite here at Domilise Po Boy! The shrimp to bread ratio is amazing! Not to mention, that the batter used tastes pretty good too.

oyster po boy

My friend enjoyed his oyster po boy so quickly that I almost didn’t have time to capture this photo. Luckily I did though because this photo is the only evidence that this sandwich even existed! When my friend was done, his paper plate was freaking spotless! He really really liked that oyster po boy.


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