Red Gravy in New Orleans, LA

Red Gravy
125 Camp St.
New Orleans, LA


who has heard of Italian food for breakfast in New Orleans? Not me? I’m usually a chicory coffee and beignet girl myself but I could not ignore the raves about this new restaurant in New Orleans. I tend not to venture too closer to the Quarter just because parking can be a headache, but this place was well worth it. When we walked in we had our first choice in tables, it wasn’t until after we ordered our food and was chatting when another customer came up to us and asked us to move to a table in the back so that they could push 2 tables together for their group. I told him that I was there to photograph the food and we had purposefully selected a table by the window for ambient lighting reasons. They hovered around our table, with mean looks from the guy’s wife, until we agreed to move. Geez!


Since this place is known for their meatballs and red gravy (marinara sauce). The meatballs were ok (they’re massive! ordering 1 each almost finished us off for the entire meal) but the piece de resistance was the red gravy! omg! what’s in here?!? crack? it was soooooooo addicting! we couldn’t stop mopping it up with whatever we had in arm’s reach.

chicken and waffles

Joe had the chicken and waffles which came with a habanero jelly. The waffles were light and fluffy and the chicken was crispy and hot, but the star of this dish was the little jelly that could! Omg. This jelly, I tried a bite, and it was sweet at first and then the heat! oh the heat! it wouldn’t let up! yum! i love my heat!

Sicilian egg pie

I got the Sicilian egg pie because it sounded delicious! Soft shirred eggs baked in a puff pastry with cheese and herbs. I had to ask the waittress though what a soft shirred egg was and if it was like a quiche. The waittress said this dish was really hard to describe and she would say not as dense as a quiche. She was write, it was a lot lighter and almost soft-boiled. For me, personally, i’m not a fan of sunny-side up or soft-boiled eggs, I like my eggs to be cooked through and through. Overall, I thought it tasted good and the dish was very cute in appearance. I take it that this is a popular dish because that big group that kicked us out of our table had ordered the egg pie for a few members and were told that they had run out (secretly grinning).



Red Gravy Cafe on Urbanspoon

Red Gravy Cafe on Urbanspoon


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