Frosty’s Cafe in New Orleans, LA

Frosty’s Cafe
3400 Cleary Ave
Metairie, LA



I had time for a quick bite to eat for lunch in the Metairie area and my friend was craving a boba drink from Frosty’s and so we made the trip over. You hear the name “Frosty’s” and it doesn’t exactly bring forth images of Vietnamese quick meals. I actually drove right past it the first time and when I came back around, I saw it tucked away in a tiny little plaza. Not too many parking spots in front nor were there too many seats inside. You order at this counter and then take a seat and they go looking for you with a tray full of your order.


A bunch of people were enjoying their lunches around us so I decided to jump in and ask them what’s good, they all highly recommended “D1” which is flank steak in Vietnamese marinade, chopped up and served with steamed rice. I tried a few pieces of my friend’s dish and it was delicious! A little chewy but definitely yummy. i would highly recommend this one.


had the choice of grilled pork chop over rice noodle or grilled shrimp over rice noodle. I know a ton of people recommended the pork but I was scared that it looked overcooked so I went with the grilled shrimp. Imagine my dismay when I looked down at the plate and saw 5 measly shrimp. Really? $9 for 5 shrimp? I tried to make the best of it by telling myself I paid for an expensive salad…..I think though, to be fair, I just ordered wrong.


famous boba drink

This place is known for their boba drinks made from the freshest ingredients in the showcase by the cash register. I got the taro with coconut smoothie with half the sugar. Delicious!!

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