Squeal BBQ in New Orleans, LA

Squeal BBQ
8400 Oak St
New Orleans,LA

the front

I had a groupon for this BBQ joint so I thought I’d go check it out. I’ve eaten at other restaurants on Oak st. and smelled the scent of BBQ wafting down the street and as I enter the other restaurant always thought, “mmmmmmm BBQ might be good next time.” And then finally next time came! They have their own parking area along the side of their restaurant which is great cuz Oak st is very crowded and parking is always limited. As I walk in, I saw this humongous smoker out front. Looks promising!

hush puppies

Our first appetizer was jalapeno corn-bread hush puppies with honey butter on the side. These were amazing! I especially loved the honey butter. Probably my favorite dish of the night. My heart stopped. The good kind though. Not the kind where you see the blue flashing lights in the rear view mirror when you’re driving…….

black eyed peas egg roll

The black eyed pea egg rolls with Andouille sausage and bacon also had good reviews online but I found it rather bland. I was drowning my pieces in ranch dressing just to taste something. I really wish the sausage or the bacon had more flavor.

2 meat dish

My friend had gotten the smoked chicken and pulled pork with french fries and cole slaw on the side. These were very generous portions. I tried a bit with their BBQ sauce and I wasn’t a fan of the sauce, it was too bold. The meats were nice and juicy though.

duck tacos

I had heard about the duck tacos and was curious to try them except they were part of the dinner menu and I was here for lunch. The waittress was nice enough to go ask the cook if he would be willing to make an exception and make it for lunch. My duck pieces were all fat! I was mostly chewing on lettuce and tomatoes cuz I had to spit out all the duck fat. That was unfortunate.

corn and cheese grits

Thank God for these corn and cheese grits! Totally redeemed my lunch experience. These grits could give Zea’s a run for their money. It was so delicious! Not too creamy or too heavy. Good balance between the corn and the cheese.


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