Acme Oyster House in New Orleans, LA

Acme Oyster House
724 Iberville St
New Orleans, LA

oyster bar!

I brought my family from out of town here because I thought they would enjoy the oyster bar. The place was super packed with tourists (surprise, surprise). We put our names down for a table and waited. We couldn’t even sit at the bar because the place was so crowded. Luckily the wait for our table wasn’t too long.

chargrilled oyster

We placed a half dozen order of chargrilled oysters as soon as we sat down. The oysters were surprisingly small when it arrived at our table. I guess I can understand why people usually place larger orders. I couldn’t really appreciate the flavor of the oysters because there were a lot of other toppings on it (butter).

order of fried crawfish tails

My parents were curious about crawfish since I had mentioned it numerous times in the past (usually in the context of Crawfish boils) and so they got an appetizer with crawfish in it. I thought it was alright. your generic deep fried seafood. this would be a good appetizer to share with a large group.

shrimp po boy

My brother had the shrimp po boy and it must’ve been good cuz he finished his plate without any complaints. What really surprised me was that Joe got the peacemaker which is half shrimp and half oysters but overall Joe had less stuff on his bread than my brother did on his. Check out this next photo!

peacemaker po boy

I was shocked by how few fried shrimp or fried oysters there were on this sandwich that I had to take a picture to document this travesty. So, all in all, this is a major tourist trap and not worth the trouble. There are better options out there! Check out Felix’s oysters. Or even better, GW Fin’s sizzling oysters. I’m actually sorry that I had wasted one of my parents’ precious few meals in New Orleans at this tourist trap.

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