GW Fin in New Orleans, LA

GW Fins
808 Bienville St
New Orleans, LA

the front

I had made a reservation at this restaurant months in advance because I was so excited to be celebrating my brother’s birthday and wanted to take him out to a nice restaurant. When we walked in, I would describe it as elegant and classy. The waiting area seems very modern and clean and when we sat down, we were surrounded by wooden panels and bottles of wine adorning the walls. When I sat down, the hostess offered me a black cloth napkin that better matched my outfit than the white cloth napkin sitting in front of me.


While we were looking over the menu, these warm biscuits were placed on our small plates. It smelled delicious! I wish mine had been warmer and less crumbly. when I went to go pick it up, it crumbled at the mere touch of my fork. As you can imagine, slathering it up with butter was a challenge but well worth it.

sizzling oysters

There seemed to be a general consensus that the sizzling P & J oysters are fantastic at GW Fins and so we got an order for our table. It was very impressive. The plate came over smoking and when it was placed on our table and you could hear the sizzling sound. The oysteres were big and juicy and delicious! you could really appreciate the oyster flavor. Our waiter told us that all seafood ingredients are fresh and selected earlier that afternoon and that any choice we made would be a good one. I’m so glad!!

seafood gumbo

Since we hadn’t eaten at too many legit seafood restaurants while my parents were in town and so they ordered a bowl of seafood gumbo. For me, gumbo is an acquired taste in my opinion. That bitter roux takes some getting used to. Although, my parents were impressed when the bowl was brought over and they poured the soup right there at the table. Smelled good!

smoked salmon

The birthday boy had the smoked salmon which came with mashed potatoes and thin bean succotash. My brother loved this dish! He devoured the entire plate within minutes. I managed to take a bite before he finished it off, and it was very smokey.

sauteed flounder

At first I thought I had been given the scallops dish so I asked the waiter and he told me, no those are stuffed flounder. The sauteed flounder is stuffed with brie and blue crab, served with shitake mushroom and asparagus and truffle herb oil. I loved this dish! I mean, personally, I love cheese, so I could have done with more brie, but it was sooooooooo good. The flounder was fluffy and light and I tried to get as much as the truffle herb oil as I possibly could.

wood grilled sea scallops

Joe ordered the wood grilled sea scallops with a wild mushroom risotto and mushroom butter. I tried one of Joe’s scallops and it was cooked perfectly. The only problem with ordering scallops at a restaurant is that you usually don’t get very many and you’re left hungry. But that was not the case at GW Fins, there were a ton of scallops. I could not help myself from stealing bites of Joe’s risotto pretty much whenever he wasn’t looking. Overall, I was really impressed with the food and level of service at GW Fins which says something as I have been to over 300 restaurants in New Orleans and am hardly ever moved by what I eat any more.


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  1. Awesome! Love the photos. Next time, let us know you’re bringing the birthday boy in — we have all kinds special things we do to celebrate special occasions! Thanks for coming in and glad to hear y’all enjoyed.

  2. Calvin Morgan says:

    The photos are awesome. Love the presentations on all the dishes. But you didn’t shoot any dessert photos or let us know what sweet delights you had there. I’m sure the birthday boy probably had a birthday cake no doubt.

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