Chart House in Boston, MA

Chart House
60 Long Wharf
Boston, MA

mussels in white wine sauce

Our family ate here for dinner and we started off with a few appetizers including the steamed mussels in shallots, garlic, and white wine. This was a good choice for a lot of people to share. The mussels were fresh and the white wine broth was complimentary with the mussels.

stuffed mushroom

The crab stuffed mushrooms were baked in a white wine sauce. this one was a little tougher for everyone to split but it was delicious and I liked it a lot. My brother probably would’ve ate the entire plate if he had had the option.

chopped salad

The chopped spinach salad had warm bacon dressing, chopped chicken, chopped egg, bacon, chopped red peppers and avocados. I wasn’t a huge fan of this mix, I think I would’ve preferred it without the red peppers and the heat they brought. But overall, the salad was pretty good.


lobster bisque

I thoroughly enjoyed my creamy lobster bisque.  However, I think the sherry in the bisque was overpowering. But I did note that there were a ton of lobster chunks in the soup. And who doesn’t love those soup crackers? I prefer to drop a few in the soup at a time so that I can appreciate the crunch while savoring the taste of the soup. If you dropped them in all at once, you’d be left with a soggy mess towards the bottom of your soup bowl.

macadamia crusted mahi

The macadamia crusted mahi came out with peanut sauce with a hint of Frangelico, mango relish, and soy glaze drizzle. This was my dad’s dish, since this is a seafood restaurant he wanted to go with one of the more popular fish dishes and so this was recommended to him. He really enjoyed his dish.

prime rib

Joe ordered the 10 oz prime rib, and I was so surprised at this slab of meat that came out. Joe prefers his meats more rare than I do, so I didn’t really try his meat dish but he did like it a lot. Even though I thought he was being a cave-man with his huge cut of meat.

creamed spinach

Joe and I split a side order of creamed spinach. I don’t know about him, but my palette was searching for a break from all the delicious meat juices and the creamy goodness of this side dish was the perfect choice.

steak and scallop

My brother had gotten the steak and scallop combo dish, which came out with some steak tips and grilled shrimp. He inhaled this thing in a matter of minutes. I tried a bite of his steak tips which I usually don’t like because I find them too overdone and chewy, but these were done nicely. Overall, the restaurant had a nice and classy decor about it. I really liked the dark interior and random wall decorations that made it look like we were out to sea. The food quality was ok, but not enough to justify the high prices.

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