The American Sector in New Orleans, LA

The American Sector
945 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA



I ventured over here with some gals for happy hour. I was so surprised because this place is so close to my apt and it’s taken me 3 years to come check it out. Another John Besh restaurant off the list! It’s a great space, and would work for families and college students alike. We had the most friendly waiter in the world! He was super patient with us when we were indecisive and really great at answering all our questions.

happy hour

I started off with a mixed drink since it was happy hour. I got the Paradise cocktail with Bombay gin, apricot brandy, orange juice, and orange flower water. Their entire drink menu is an awesome deal during happy hour!

Italian cheese fries

My roommate started off with the Italian cheese fries which came with burrata and homemade Italian sausage. I got a forkful of her dish which was a humongous portion size for happy hour, I really liked how the crispy french fry soaked up the Italian sausage juices and gooey yummy burrata. This would be a great dish for a bunch of people to share.

Shrimp & crab dip

Another friend ordered the shrimp and crab dip. which was prepared with local Spinach. It was served hot with sliced up ciabatta bread which was a very nice choice to serve as the background for the crab dip which was very savory.

onion rings

Have you ever seen onion rings these big before? For me, I actually prefer thinly sliced onion rings because thicker onion slices are harder to bite through. And the bigger the ring, the more batter there is for the oil to soak in. I did try one and I thought it was fine except that I had to eat it with a fork and knife.

shrimp and sausage gumbo

Another friend had ordered the shrimp and sausage gumbo. I thought it came in the world’s cutest little bowl. My friend finished hers without leaving a drop in the bowl! Must’ve been good!

BBQ pork slider

My friend got one of the BBQ pork sliders for only 75 cents! gotta love that happy hour menu. But it didn’t look as good as my sliders!

duck wings

I saw the Korean BBQ duck wings on the menu, and I knew I had to try it. I was shocked though that one wing was 75 cents. This was by far my least favorite dish. The duck wing barely had any meat on it. It was all fat and skin and just not great tasting. I eventually got tired of trying to get a bite of this and gave up.

meat pie

The meat pies were also 75 cents each. I really liked the meat pies, they were filled with pulled pork and French onion strings. Delicious! And crunchy!

mini cheeseburger

My favorite dish of the night is was the mini cheeseburger with bacon onion marmalade. The meat was juicy and cooked medium, and the cheese was yummy and gooey!  OMG I was in love with the bacon onion marmalade.

shrimp creole

my roommate got the shrimp creole for her main entree (which you can order after 5:30pm, apparently it’s happy hour menu only until 5:30) and I tried a bite and i thought it was pretty good.

grilled cheese

My friend who is a vegetarian was having a hard time finding something to eat on the happy hour menu and asked the waiter what she could eat and he said that the grilled cheese could be made without the ham. When it came out, I thought the presentation was so cute! Who doesn’t love grilled cheese with tomato soup? I think after the cheeseburger, there is nothing more American than a good ol’ fashioned grilled cheese!

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