Seongbukdong in Koreatown Los Angeles, CA

3303 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90020

galbi jim

So this little hidden gem is tucked away in a plaza in Koreatown. The plaza is populated by random stores and markets and then this restaurant. I was walking towards the restaurant and saw a homeless man practically blocking the door. I walked around him and thought about letting management know but apparently some person had ordered food to go and the man on the phone was walking out the door with the food to take it to the patron in their car and saw the homeless man and told him to leave. Nothing against homeless people, it’s just that when they’re sleeping in front of the entrance to the restaurant, they’re literally in the way.  Aside from that obstacle, I was seated promptly and served my order in a very timely manner. Probably because I was eating dinner super early and was the only other patron in the restaurant. My galbijim came out surprisingly quick considering how long it takes to cook this dish. I guess it’s pre-made and then reheated to order. My soup was actually too salty for my preference and for $30 a bowl, I wish there was more meat and less bones in my bowl. Galbijim is one of my favorite dishes of all time, and I cook it all the time. So I have very high standards for galbijim and this place fell short.

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