Alla Spina in Philadelphia, PA

Alla Spina
1410 Mount Vernon Street
Philadelphia, PA


This is Marc Vetri’s new restaurant for a younger, hipper crowd. When you walk in, the place has a modern feel to it, you can see a lot of metal decor with metal chairs. And I think the bright red and yellow colors are supposed to remind you of the happier days of Chuck E. Cheese. We walked in and there weren’t many people eating there but as we dined, every table filled up. Our waittress was very helpful. She was very friendly and answered all of our questions knowledgeably.


We started off with the “schisola” polenta stuffed with taleggio cheese. Polenta is a type of cornmeal and lately, I’ve been seeing it used more and more as coating for deep fried foods. Taleggio is a mild Italian cheese which is good for Joe cuz he’s not a big fan of stinky cheese like I am. Overall, this dish was a great starter. Joe and I were fighting over the last one. We decided to amicably split the last one.


Our next dish was potato gnocchi with gorgonzola fonduta.  I didn’t expect any less than the quality gnocchi we got from Vetri! And the gorgonzola was perfect for me but a little too strong but Joe. The gnocchi was so soft and smooth and the gorgonzola had the perfect bite to it.

special of the night

The special of the night was a roast pork. The meat was so juicy and tender. Joe was convinced that the marinade had asian influences aka soy sauce. We could barely lift our forks by the time we were done eating because we were so stuffed! The food tonight was amazing and we couldn’t have done it without the waittress’s great advice.


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