Honey’s Sit ‘n Eat in Philadelphia, PA

Honey’s Sit ‘n Eat
800 N 4th St
Philadelphia, PA

This restaurant is a breakfast staple in Philly. You are pretty much guaranteed a wait but I hear that it is well worth it. Joe and I decided to try to beat the crowd. We got there at 9 am on a Saturday and we got the 2nd to last table in the joint. By the time our food came out, the line was out the door!

country fried steak

Joe got the country fried steak with fried eggs over easy. When his dish came out, he got scrambled eggs. He didn’t care but I did, cuz it wasn’t what he ordered. I asked our super friendly waiter about Joe’s order and the waiter brought out eggs over easy on the house. Very nice service! Overall, Joe liked his dish a lot.

Honey's platter

So for breakfast, I was in the mood for an assortment of pancakes and so I ordered 1 chocolate chip, 1 banana and 1 regular. The waiter smiled as he told me usually people just get 1 type of pancake, but I guess I’m special in that way. The pancakes came out smaller than anticipated but with the short stack, I was quite full. I got the latke triangle since it was reviewed very often and didn’t find it as impressive as the pancakes. I thought the little shot glass of maple syrup was cute. I thoroughly enjoyed our dining experience here and was very pleased with the food and service.

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