Pho Orchid in New Orleans, LA

Pho Orchid
3117 Houma Blvd
Metairie, LA

I remember I asked a local Vietnamese resident where can I get good pho and they said “someone’s house.” I asked them what if I don’t have access to someone’s house, and they said any place with “Pho” in the name. This place has got quite the reputation as one of the reliable establishments in Metairie for pho.


I walked in during lunch and it was quite empty but at around 12 noon exactly, the place got packed with what appeared to be workers in the area. The place is huge and very clean and I liked how much the waittresses paid attention to the customers. The people that walked in and waited to be seated, never waited for very long.  And while I was sitting and enjoying my lunch, several waiters refilled my drink and kept asking me how I was doing. Very attentive service.

torpedo shrimp

I started off with the torpedo shrimp appetizer which had a lot of hype online. It’s shrimp and cream cheese covered in a egg roll wrapper and then deep fried. They were delicious!

grilled pork taco

Another popular dish is the grilled pork tacos. The grilled pork was amazing and packed with flavor. It’s just the rest of the taco fell short of my expectations. The vegetables to meat ratio was off and the wrap was way too thick and cold. This dish needed a lot of siracha sauce to save it. If I had to eat here again, I’d probably just get the grilled pork rice dish.

pad thai

Serves me right for ordering pad thai from a Vietnamese restaurant. It tasted nothing like pad thai, just a generic noodle dish.

korean BBQ

I always like to taste Korean ribs at Vietnamese restaurants, but am never  very impressed. The marinade doesn’t taste like genuine Korean flavor.

fried chicken wings

The fried chicken wings are tossed in a garlic sauce. I think the fried chicken wings are probably one of my favorite dishes to get at Vietnamese restaurants. I know pho is the basis of this review, but it was just way too hot for pho today.

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