Juliana’s Kitchen in Wilmington, DE

Juliana’s Kitchen
1828 W 11th st
Wilmington, DE

fried bananas

We came to this restaurant because it had a lot of good online reviews. There was only one other group when we arrived and yet service was super slow. Also, when we sat down, the owner wiped down our table with a dirty towel and so our table smelled like moldy laundry. An unfortunate way to start the evening. The fried bananas were alright, I guess I expected more ripe bananas.


arroz de mariscos

Joe got the seafood rice platter. It came with shrimp, scallops, and mussels cooked in Peruvian seasonings. Joe really liked his dish a lot. I’m not a huge mussels fan, so I just sampled the shrimp and rice. I thought the shrimp was cooked nicely and the rice was perfect.

Bistec Apanado con tacu tacu

I had the fried sirloin steak with rice. This is one of the most popular dishes at this restaurant. The portion sizes were huge! I really liked my sirloin steak, it was seasoned very nicely. And I liked the crisp contrast from the al dente rice. Very yummy authentic Peruvian hole in the wall!

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