Boston Burger Company in Somerville, MA

Boston Burger Company
37 Davis Sq
Somerville, MA

wall decor

My brother and I were in the mood for hamburgers and I began to research for what possibilities were available for Sunday lunch. This place had great reviews and again, I love those meat patties that take 2 hands to support. This chain has 2 locations, one in Somerville and one in Boston and I decided to go to the Somerville location since it offers a better parking situation. While I was perusing the menu, I saw these lovely paintings on the wall and decided to order the Hot Mess burger for my brother after reading up on its “anatomy.”


mini mac-ancini

I love deep fried mac and cheese and so when I saw the mini mac-ancini on the menu, I couldn’t resist. Arancini is deep fried little balls of risotto covered in batter. I was actually a little disappointed with this preparation because the mac and cheese flavor was lost compared to the batter flavor. I wish that the mac and cheese flavor was more bold but that’s just my personal preference. I did love the crunch that these little balls offered.

Hot Mess Burger

The Hot Mess burger has sweet potato fries, American cheese, bacon, shredded lettuce and Thousand Island dressing on top. The Hot Mess burger patty is 8 oz of juicy goodness. My brother couldn’t even take a bite because the burger was so tall. He decided to go fork and knife when he realized he couldn’t bite it in its entirety. The burger was delicious! My brother ate every single bite of the burger plus all of the home made potato chips.

garlic and parmesan fries

I had saw great reviews online about the garlic and parmesan fries so we got an order of it. I was surprised when I saw these huge steak fries come out, but I guess it makes sense. If you’re going to get a medium to absorb the garlic olive oil and to carry parmesan cheese, it might as well be a huge honking steak fry! It was delicious but we were so full from the burgers and appetizer that we didn’t finish the fries.

the special of the day

The burger I got was a special of the day called “The Big Party,” which is a meat patty wrapped in bacon and then dipped in beer-batter and then deep fried. It is then topped with cheddar cheese and chipotle ketchup. This burger was humongous! I was able to take whomping bites out of it, but was unable to touch the chips because I was so full. I really liked the texture that the deep fried batter added to the burger. I wasn’t a huge fan of the salty bacon layer and probably would’ve preferred my deep fried burger without it. But overall, it was mouth-watering juicy meaty goodness.

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  1. I was at Boston Burger Company with my brother recently, too! Next time you go—if you’re feeling adventurous!—I highly recommend the King burger with peanut butter, fried banana, and bacon. It sounds weird but I gave it a shot and was very happily surprised.

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