Atchafalaya Restaurant in New Orleans

901 Louisiana Ave
New Orleans, LA

I’ve never been to Atchafalaya before because it’s always been packed whether I came here for dinner or brunch on the weekends. We were able to find parking easily on Louisiana Ave. The hostess graciously greeted us at the door and seated us immediately even though we were 20 minutes early for our Saturday dinner reservations.


We started off with some cocktails and an amuse bouche. My friend got the Isabelle which had plymouth gin, campari, cointreau, fresh grapefruit and lemon and regan’s bitters. I tried a sip of my friend’s drink, and we both agreed that we thought the drink was a little too strong. We both had an amuse bouche from the chef, which was some sort of honeydrew concoction. The amuse bouche was like a very thick porridge and didn’t have much flavor at all to it.


I had the Violeta drink which had plymouth gin, saint germain elderflower, fresh blueberries, lime and basil. I asked the waittress to make my drink on the sweeter side with some simple syrup and she agreed. One thing I was upset with was that I had spilled my amuse bouche while taking photographs of the drinks and the waittress never came over to offer napkins or to help clean it up. It was quite crowded in the dining area, but neglecting customers in need is not a great move. I was able to sip what was left of the amuse bouche in the shot glass and was surprised at how tasteless it was and the unsettling texture of a chunky porridge.

Fried green tomatoes

We ordered the fried green tomatoes appetizer since it got a lot of hype on online reviews. I really enjoyed the appetizer. The tomato was refreshing and the crabmeat was fresh. Overall, the dish worked really well when you took a bite of the tomato with the crabmeat.


My friend Parisa had the boudin stuffed quail with applewood smoked bacon, collard greens and sweet potato puree. I thought the dish had a nice smokey quality to it.


I had the sauteed redfish with haricots verts, cherry tomatoes, and oyster mushrooms in a truffle bleurre blanc sauce. I thought the sauce was lovely and decadent, the perfect choice for a mildly flavored fish. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like fish that taste too fishy, so  I tend to prefer redfish or salmon. I loved the sauce and kept swiping the veggies and fish in it. I’m glad I finally got the chance to dine here except towards the end of the night, when the place got more crowded, our waittress rarely checked on us except to ask us if we wanted dessert. Overall, I thought the service was fine, just hated that drop in attention at the end.

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  1. A great meal made better with excellent company =)

    Good suggestion for a tasty dinner, Julia!

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