The Shake Shack in Philadelphia, PA

The Shake Shack
2000 Sansom St.
Philadelphia, PA


So when we walked in, I was blown away by the wall-size menu. I’ve been to shake shack in NY but never to the location in Philly. Parking in this area was tricky but manageable.

shack stack

The shack stack is a combination of 2 different burgers = cheese-burger with a crisp-fried portobello topped with lettuce, tomato and Shack-sauce. the shack-sauce is what puts this burger on the map. The shack sauce is a blend of ketchup, mayo, mustard, a few spices and pickles. Joe really loved this burger.

waffle fries

Joe doesn’t usually like the french fries from Shake Shack but since I was visiting this location for the first time he decided to splurge for me. I thought the fries were fine, they were crispy and hot.

double shack burger

I had the double shack burger which was 2 meat patties, 2 cheeses, lettuce and the legendary shack sauce. I thought the meat patties fell apart quite easily and although on the thin end of the spectrum. I really enjoyed the sauce and found myself scraping it up with the waffle french fries. This location upholds the very well earned reputation of Shake Shack.


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  1. that first burger looks like its smiling at me.

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