New Jumbo Seafood in Boston, MA (Chinatown)

New Jumbo Seafood
5 Hudson st.
Boston, MA

This is a Chinatown staple, I was a bit worried  because of a lot of negative reviews but then I saw the fish tanks for myself and saw how clean it was. My worries disappeared! So I knew that the restaurant would be packed and saw online that they took reservations and so I called ahead to make a reservation for us. What a good call! When we got there, the place was packed and the line was practically out the door. Imagine the looks we got as we walked to the front of the line and said we had a reservation and were seated right away.

sizzling steak

The first dish to come out was the sizzling steak dish. Not too sure what makes it sizzle, the extremely  hot black rock? So usually at a chinese restaurant, they offer you chopsticks. I didn’t realize that Chinese people eat their rice with chopsticks too. Have you ever attempted such a feat? Their rice doesn’t stick together like Japanese rice and Korean rice. Anywho, trying to eat the steaks with chopsticks was a bit of a task. Luckily, I spotted their silverware drawer and ransacked it for all the forks and knives I could hold in one hand.

Lobster in ginger and scallion sauce

Since this place is known for their seafood, i mean it’s in the name, we got the creme de la creme of the ocean, Lobster! They brought out 2 huge lobsters which were boiled and then cooked in a ginger and scallion sauce. I wish they had brought out one of those seafood shell cracker-thing-a-ma-jiggys cuz it would’ve helped to eat some of the smaller pieces. But overall, the lobster was cooked fine and the sauce was good.

Seafood Treasure Nest

My mom insisted on getting the seafood treasure nest. Scallop, shrimp and calamari inside a taro pastry shell with a light sauce. I really liked the contrast in texture between the shrimp/scallop versus the taro pastry.  Can you tell I was a huge fan of the taro pastry shell?

Fried tofu with shrimp on top

We were trying to decide between the fried tofu and the stuffed tofu and the waittress told us that the fried tofu was better. It came out with shrimp on top. Yum! I wasn’t a huge fan of the

pan fried noodles with beef

We were looking for a carb dish for our feast and it was down to noodle vs fried rice. We decided to go with the noodles but weren’t in the mood for the thick rice noodle and went with the pan fried noodles. I love how the heat from the beef and sauce soften the crispy fried noodles. It was really delicious and complemented the rest of our meal perfectly.


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