Santouka Ramen in Los Angeles, CA

Santouka Ramen
21515 Western Ave
Torrance, CA 90501


When I found out that my hotel happened to be a mile away from the best ramen in Torrance, CA, I knew it was fate.  The restaurant is located in a Japanese grocery market’s food court. Parking was easy cuz it’s a huge super market. Finding the restaurant was a bit more difficult because every sign was in Japanese……..Luckily, I saw humongous pictures of ramen on the side of this particular establishment and asked the woman behind the counter if it was Santouka ramen and she said “yes” in perfect English! Woohoo! An English speaking worker at an asian restaurant!

shoyu ramen

I asked the woman behind the counter which was her favorite. I figured she must have had a ton of ramen since she works there and would know which broth is the best. The salt broth is their traditional one, the miso broth seemed really popular online, the soy sauce broth was what I was leaning towards. Then she said soy sauce broth and I was sold. Shoyu Ramen soup is made from a mixture of pork broth and soy sauce. Dried seaweed is used as a topping only for Shoyu Ramen to bring out its flavor. The noodles were super hot! I took a big bite and had to stop and take a gulp of ice water because the noodles, not the broth were super hot. I guess the noodles were just cooked. I liked the flavor a lot.


She asked me if I wanted the regular pork belly meat or to go the extra distance and get the rare pork cheeks. I figured this may be the one and only time  I eat here, so might as well go big or go home! The meat was exquisitely tender.

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