Half Moon Bar and Grill in New Orleans

Half Moon Bar and Grill
1125 Saint Mary St.
New Orleans, LA

Being one of the few places that deliver in New Orleans, we decided to give Half Moon Bar a change (I guess leaving your menu underneath my windshield wiper blades does work!). The place is pretty close to where I live so I didn’t think delivery would take that long. When we had waited for over an hour, we called the the bar to see what had happened to our order and the person who had answered the phone also seemed confused (“what order? what do you mean what happened to your order?”). and then about 20 minutes after that phone call, our food finally arrived (they probably had lost our order and made it on the spot and delivered it asap when I had told them on the phone that we had waited over an hour).

chicken caesar salad sandwich

The chicken caesar sandwich had fried chicken strips, lettuce, tomatoes, parmesan cheese with caesar dressing. All the sandwiches we ordered came with these huge steak fries which was awesome.  I didn’t eat this one, so I can’t comment on the taste.

Blue Cheeseburger with bacon

I’m always a little iffy when ordering hamburgers to go after my fiasco with MVBurger, so now to be on the safe side, I just always order my burgers medium-well to prevent getting undercooked burgers delivered to my apt.  The burger did come out medium-well which was nice cuz that was what I had ordered. The bacon was a bit burnt (but I do love me some crispy bacon so that was fine). And of course, the glue that binds us, the crispy humongous steak fries. One thing that I did appreciate was that rather than toss some ketchup packets on top of the food I’m going to eat(which is something that drives me crazy when I order food to go and I open it and there are questionable condiment packages all over my food that I am supposed to eat), Half Moon had kindly put all the condiment packets underneath the tissue paper that wrapped my food, and thereby separated it from my food. thank you! finally!

Chicken philly sandwich

The chicken philly sandwich I guess is meant to be cooked like a cheesesteak with the onion, green peppers and mushrooms. however, cheesesteaks either come wid whiz or with provolone, I’ve never seen a philly cheesesteak come with swiss…. I guess leave it to the girl that’s lived in philly for 4  years to have high expectations of her philly sandwiches (hoagies!), although Stein’s does come awfully close with their Tuesday special sandwiches.


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