Soowon Galbi in Los Angeles, CA (best Korean BBQ)

Soowon Galbi
856 South Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA

As always, I will start with the parking situation. If you pull into the tiny parking lot in front of this restaurant, you will have to pay $2 for valet parking (no self parking option). When I drove by and saw how packed the parking lot was, I kept on driving and found free street parking on one of the side streets. I learned about the valet parking once I got closer to the restaurant! nice! When you walk in, the place is pretty dark, and the aroma of grilled meat is quite intoxicating. Lucky for me, Lord of the Rings was playing on their huge HD TV on the wall and so even though we had a bit of a wait ahead of us, I got to watch TV which provided the main light for the evening.

korean grill

A thing of beauty! I love the old school open fire grills! It provides for a nice balance of savory meat and smokey goodness. Kudos on the service at this restaurant, they were really good about switching out the wire mesh grills after the different types of meats (some establishments will keep the same grill on for your entire meal and then the different meat flavors blend together).

side dishes

No korean meal is complete with the barrage of side dishes. They offer a nice break from the meats, with a refreshing pickled vegetable or some sort of creamed broccoli.

kkot sal

Kkot sal dish came out with marbled beef rib eye. The reason why marbling is so expensive is because the cows have to be kept in a certain environment and fed a certain ingredient to maximize the fat to meat ratio in a way to keep the meat juicy while cooking. This meat was my favorite. The natural beefy flavor +smoke from grill + tender chew = meat heaven!

cooked kkot sal


soowon wang galbi

This dish was a large slab of beef short ribs in a house-special marinade. LA galbi is rumored to be the best galbi in the world because Korean cows arent as meaty as American cows. The student has surpassed the teacher. So I can’t leave LA without galbi, so glad we got some here cuz it was really good.

cooked soowon wang galbi


chadol gui

And just cuz the two of us our champion eaters, we decided to get a 3rd meat dish for the two of us, the chadolgui which is thinly sliced beef brisket. I like this dish a lot because it has no marinade, just the pure flavor of beef. And the slices are thin enough that you don’t feel too full, just enough to enjoy the meat.  All in all, I will definitely return here for the yummy KBBQ!

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