101 Noodle Express in Los Angeles, CA

101 Noodle Express
1408 E Valley Blvd.
Alhambra, CA


I happened to be in the Alhambra area and knew that a prominent Chinatown/Little Tokyo also happened to be in that area. Since I am partial to hand-made noodles, I made the decision to check out the chinese scene. Parking was quite easy with its own free lot.

hand drawn noodles

I started off with hand drawn noodles with ground pork in a soy sauce. I had promised myself to give my GI system a break and not make it spicy but once the dish came out, I found myself shoveling the hot chili oil on the table onto my dish. The noodle texture was only OK and the flavors were a little on the bland side thus the need for the chili oil kick.

soup dumplings

We also split an order of the mini soup dumplings.  Soup dumplings has always been a very complicated dish for me but apparently on the west coast, it’s quite common. The soup dumplings were all right, not much compared to Joe’s Shanghai in NY where you have to be careful to not burn the roof of your mouth when biting into one of these.  The dumplings were lukewarm but the flavors were ok.

beef roll

OMG! The beef roll was the star of the meal! the flaky outer wrap with the well seasoned beef and freshness of cilantro. Plus the chili oil, this dish is unstoppable! This was by far my favorite dish of the night, they should just put a huge picture of this dish on the front of their menu so people know what to order. But when I looked around at the other tables, I saw that other patrons already knew to order it because I kid you not, there was a plate of beef rolls on each and every table! Plus all the patrons were Chinese which is always a good sign for  Chinese restaurant.

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