Silverspoon in Wayne, PA

503 West Lancaster Avenue
Wayne, PA 19087


This restaurant is by Joe’s workplace so since I was visiting for the day, I wanted to eat somewhere with good reviews online. When I read the menu for this place, I was pleased. I talked Joe into getting the tasting menu, it seemed like a great value. 6 courses for $50! And usually with a tasting menu, the chef likes to show off. right? wrong! The last tasting menu we did was at Vetri in Philly, and that placed amazed us while this place just left us disappointed and hungry.

amuse bouche

The service was nice at least. As soon as we sat down, they opened our bottle of wine right away (oh yea, it’s a BYO). And our waiter brought out an amuse bouche, which was chopped up scallop served on a slice of cucumber……..It tasted like a piece of spam….This bite is supposed to awaken my palette and prepare me for the rest of the meal………

1st course

The 1st course was a slowly cooked salmon with radishes and bits of rye bread tossed in truffle oil. This was definitely the highpoint of the night. the salmon was cooked perfectly! Very moist and juicy. I wish I had ordered an entree size of this dish!

2nd course

The 2nd course was lamb ribs with a raita sauce. The lamb ribs didn’t have any Indian spices so I was confused as to the pairing with the yogurt based Indian sauce. I wish the ribs had more meat on them.It was cooked in some sort of orange juice.

3rd course

The salad course consisted of some spicy arugula, blue cheese, poached pears and crispy pancetta. I did enjoy the salad, but there was no “wow!” factor! One of the reasons why I love eating out is to be wow-ed by chefs.

4th course

I was super disappointed with this dish. At the beginning of our meal, I had informed the server that I was opposed to the rabbit and veal dishes on the menu, but everything else (pasta, beef shoulder, salmon, etc) I was fine with. The server brings out our 4th course which was beef heart! and the blackberry compote looked like drops of bright red blood which was just unappealing. I decided to give it a shot and I took a bite and it was cold! like sitting in the fridge cold! I just couldn’t bring myself to finish the dish. The server said that he had eaten it for dinner that evening and liked it……..Usually staff dinners aren’t as special as what the patrons are eating. Also, offal tends to be cheaper meats because not everyone wants to eat internal organs. I was quite disappointed that out of everything the chef could have done for our main entree, he chose offal.

5th course

What really bothered was what happened next! So the waiter had seen that I barely touched the 4th course and he didn’t offer to ask the chef to bring out something different for me to eat. I was going to bring it up but Joe just wanted to leave since he was disappointed too. Our 5th course was a blue cheese pop, essentially a corn muffin stuffed with blue cheese with a random persimmon on the side. It was good, nothing special. I couldn’t believe that I had finished the 5th course and I was still hungry. I was going to complain to our server but he kept avoiding us until the check. I was seriously pissed off by this. Don’t be so scared to receive negative criticism!

6th course

For our final course, we had ginger spiced donuts with a white orange curd. Donuts? really? nothing special again. Where is that wow factor? Also, I was really disappointed that the chef chose to revisit the orange flavor when he had already cooked the lamb ribs in orange. He had a chance to show us his talents and he gives us mini donuts……..I could make those at home! I doubt I will return to this establishment, but if I do, I will probably just order off the menu…….

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