Kraftwork Bar in Philadelphia, PA

541 East Girard Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19125


I was so surprised by how crowded this place was on a Saturday at 2 PM. It looked super clean for a bar but kind of dark. The only lighting is natural sunlight coming in from the front and flashing lights from the HD TV on the walls playing college football games.   And lots of ppl were ordering brunch items like eggs and some tofu dish. Isn’t 2 PM kind of late for breakfast? Anywho,  I came here to get my beer and burger on! This is one of the better known gastro-pubs in the Philly area. Conveniently it is located in Northern liberties and there was plenty of street parking. I really liked the brick decor, very home-y and welcoming.

flight of four

I couldn’t decide between the beers so I got a flight of four.  I think the pale ale was my least favorite, and I really liked my pumpkin ale, christmas ale and hard cider. Delicious! And so refreshing with burgers. Joe got his own flight of four, which was a big mistake because he gets really bad asian glow. He was bright red by the end of  his 1st glass.

Joe's burger

Joe got the Kraftwork burger with gruyere cheese, mushrooms, bacon and fried egg. Even though we live in different cities, we have very similar tastes in food. We both independently ordered a fried egg on burgers which then sparked  a conversation about how the best dishes mix egg and beef. Like korean bibimbap (mixed rice, veggies, beef and fried egg!)

my burger

I also got the Kraftwork burger with cheddar cheese, fried egg, bacon and caramelized onions.  The beef patty is a special dry aged blend. I love thick patty burgers. The ones that you feel like you need to unhinge your jaw to take a bite. Hot greasy oil dripped down my chin as I took bites into my yummy burger.

my beautiful medium well burger

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