Butcher and Singer in Philadelphia, PA

Butcher and Singer
1500 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102


I came here for lunch since I was wandering around Center City and was hankering for a good burger. When I walked in, I knew immediately I was under-dressed. I wondered if they would still seat me, and they did! You walk in, and it just looks like a swanky joint with its dark reds and brown interior design.  They did seat me off to this side section and I watched other well-dressed diners enjoy lunch in the central dining area while everyone else in jeans was seated in my section. ha…….

The Burger

The Butcher burger had English cheddar cheese and fried onions on top. It also came with some sort of house sauce. I was going to order french fries on the side but the waiter informed me that the burger came with fries! sweet! I asked for my burger medium-well and the waiter raised his eyebrows as if to say, “really? come on!” so I immediately changed my order to medium and he looked more pleased.

my medium burger

I was very pleased to see the cook on this burger. Nice and pink on the inside and a bit firm. The meat quality was great and very well seasoned. I especially liked the crispy fries. There was so much, I couldn’t finish.  I was very pleased with this meal and mental note: don’t wear jeans into a steakhouse!


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