Tacos La Bala in Houston, TX

Tacos La Bala
5800 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77081


Ok you know an area is shady when you see signs on the front door that says “having weapons without a license on the premise is a felony.” Luckily, we walked in after 2 cops It was pretty intimidating being the only non-Hispanics in the restaurant.


We had ordered 3 tacos but accidentally ordered 2 of the barbacoa (steamed beef), 1 of the shredded beef and 1 of the chimichirron (pork skin). My favorite was the shredded beef.Served on home-made corn tortilla………yes my mouth is watering.

the shredded beef taco

Then we split the burrito, we got the steak fajita meat. You know you’re at an authentic joint when your burrito comes without rice. It was quite good.



But the star of the evening was the quesadilla! It was not only packed with flavor, on corn tortilla but the cheese was out of this world (and you know I’m a huge cheese fan).


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  1. Francisco Elizalde says:

    Nice photos. You know, I was responsible for the opening of Tacos La Bala # 2. The owner is a very good friend. He hired me as a consultant and manager for this place. I no longer work for him but the relationship continues.
    Again, nice photo of the best and original Mexican street food in Houston.

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