Xiong’s Cafe’s in Houston, TX

Xiong’s Cafe
9888 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX

I mainly try to eat at where the local Chinese residents would venture to in Chinatown. This is one of those spots. I mean sure, you can expect any restaurant in Chinatown to be filled with Chinese people, but still, this place is small and it was packed with Chinese people! Always a good sign!

spicy wonton

Wonton is a specific type of dumpling, made with a square wrapper and folded into a rectangular shape. It is tossed in a chili oil. I love the chili oil they offer on the side. The filling was ground pork and onion, it was pretty good.

sichuan noodles

The Sichuan noodles was a pork lo mein in garlic sauce. I was surprised that it wasn’t spicy at all because I usually attribute Sichuan food to spicy food but this was not spicy. The garlic flavor definitely permeated every bite. It wasn’t a raw garlic taste though so that was nice. The side chili oil was key! The garlic flavor was pretty 1-dimensional before the chili oil.

Za Jiang Noodle

Pork lo mein with sliced up cucumber. The ground pork definitely added a nice flavor but the chili oil added a nicer flavor. The texture of the noodles was delicious, not soggy nor undercooked.

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