India House in Northampton, MA

India House
45 State St.
Northampton, MA

The front door

We came here not for the ostentatious pink-orange decor of the outside but because it came highly recommended from some residents we work with. They told us of an especially sassy waittress who may be the daughter of the owners. When we dined here though, I’m pretty sure the Mrs. of the business was the one who seated us but we did not have the pleasure of Ms. Sassy.  Our group sat down and began to pour over the menu. It was a little pricey.

chicken tandoori

The chicken tandoori is a traditional Indian dish cooked in a clay oven (aka tandoor) and marinated in yogurt and masala spices. It varies from restaurant to restaurant, some restaurants add chili peppers to give it an extra red color. This smelled delicious coming to the table.

chicken tikka masala

A bunch of us got tikka masala. One person in our group ordered the lamb tikka masala and asked our Indian matriarch-like hostess to do her worse and bring out the spiciest dish she could manage. He wasn’t impressed. I ordered my chicken tikka masala mild because my tongue was still reeling from the spiciest chicken tikka masal from Pintus. Chicken tikka is a boneless cubed chicken meat and the masala sauce is a creamy, spicy sauce. This is a nice dish for those new to Indian cuisine. But for me, it’s an oldie but goodie. I can still remember the first time I was introduced to Indian food in college and I’m still partial to my chicken tikka masala.

Other restaurants I visited in this area:
Bottega Cucina (Italian)
El Caribeno (Puerto Rico)
Gohyang (Korean)
Herrell’s (ice cream!)
The Brewery (American)

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