Seoul Garden in Houston, TX

Seoul Garden
9446 Long Point Road
Houston, TX 77055

the entrance

You walk in the main entrance and you see this cool display with the water wheel and little pond and you walk across this wooden bridge to get to the hostess counter. When we sat down, I was wondering why I was surrounded by white people in a Korean restaurant (uh oh! never a good sign!). My friend and I were starving and so we decided to get 3 dishes for the two of us.


Chadobaegi is thinly cut brisket and served with a sesame seed oil mixed with salt and black pepper. This is delicious! I love this meat dish. I know most people feel heavy and dense after eating meat, but I assure you that you will not after this meat. This meat is light and filling and delicious.


So we had ordered the chadobaegi and kalbi separately so they didn’t allow us to cook the kalbi at the table. I wish they had, the inside was practically raw. At least we had the grill on for the chadobaegi cuz we were able to throw the short ribs on for a few more minutes. The marinade was sweet and savory. Swavory if you will. delicious!

kimchi jiggae

The kimchi jiggae was alright. There was a ton of kimchi and tofu in it, not so much pork.  Overall, I wasn’timpressed with this as I was with the meats.

Seoul Garden on Urbanspoon

Seoul Garden on Urbanspoon


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