Bottega Cucina in West Springfield, MA

Bottega Cucina
46 Morgan Rd.
West Springfield, MA

I saw wonderful reviews for this hole in the wall Italian gem in West Springfield and so I knew I wanted to check it out. Unfortunately, when we arrived, the waittress was less than friendly. She tried to split up our group because we had 5 people and the table in the corner only had 4 chairs. I asked her if we could just pull up an extra chair to that table and she said no.  I was seriously debating leaving cuz we were kinda left with no options to sit together until a different waiter came up to us and redeemed the restaurant for us. He offered us menus and to take drink orders and said he thought that the 5 of us could fit at a booth that would open up in minutes.

ravioli appetizer

The waiter who saved the day was so sweet. As he would walk to other tables w trays of food, he would tilt the tray toward our table and name the various dishes so that we could get previews of the menu items. When he came to take our order, he made the special appetizer of the day sound so delicious! Butternut squash ravioli in a cream sauce with candied walnuts. So delicious!

bread w pesto

Usually at Italian restaurants, I’m used to olive oil w my bread. But the pesto here was such a nice treat! It was this delicious, thick garlic-y basil pesto.

house salad

All of our pastas came w an order of house salad. The gorgonzola cheese dressing was good!

fettucine alfredo

This is one of my go to pasta dishes but tonight I decided to treat myself to one of my favorites. Luckily, someone else at the table ordered the fettucine alfredo (butter cream sauce) w parmesan cheese.


Aack, I’m blanking on the name of this spaghetti dish. Started w an “F”. It had steak tips cooked in a tomato based sauce.

Fettucine carbonara

So ever since I had this dish in Rome, I’ve fallen in love w Fettucine Carbonara and  very few places in the US have impressed me.  The fettucine tasted like the stuff from a box, I asked if their pasta was hand-made? And they said no. I can understand that, it can be difficult for a restaurant to make hand-made pasta per order. The pasta had wonderfully delicious pancetta, shallots cooked in olive oil and w the heat of the pasta, cooked in an egg and cheese sauce. As you can see, I love cheese!

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