Magasin Vietnamese Cafe in New Orleans, LA

4201 Magazine st
new orleans, la

When you go to their website, the menu is hard to read (tiny font size). So I went to yelp and urbanspoon for suggestions on what to eat.  When this place had originally opened, I had seen a lot of negative reviews about the service and so when blog-readers asked me if I had been to Magasin yet, I said no cuz I was waiting for the reviews to turn around. When I went to check it out, I found the service to be excellent. I was seated right away, and then a server came up to my table within minutes and when I moved tables (cuz I wasn’t too happy with my 1st one), another server was very prompt to come and answer my Q’s. i was a very happy camper.


so I guess this is supposed to be a Westernized Vietnamese cafe. Although I would say more of a modern diner, given the high stools and counter tops. (really high stools, made me feel like a little kid trying to reach the ground with my tippy toes every time I wanted to get off). I guess I wouldn’t call them the most comfy seats in the world. but I did like the modern simple decor of the place. very clean.

pork spring rolls

People raved about the spring rolls here so we went with the pork spring rolls. They came out very fast! They were good but I think the rice to meat ratio was more than I would’ve like (you can see for yourself).

fried tofu vermicelli

My friend had the fried tofu with garlic over vermicelli noodles. It was very light and refreshing which is perfect for a humid summer night.

pho w filet mignon

I had the pho and I don’t know what people were talking about. Or maybe their broth recipes changed cuz my broth was very flavorful. I couldn’t stop dipping my spoon in it for more. And I thought there were plenty of pieces of filet mignon (they were very tender too).  I was really happy with my choices.
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