Emeril’s Delmonico

Emeril’s Delmonico
1300 St. Charles Ave
New Orleans, LA


peach sangria

I came here to celebrate a special occasion (completing a 9 hour test!) and it was a short walk (right across the street). We sat at the bar and had some drinks before relocating to our table. They have an amazing happy hour menu but I was starving by the time I got here for our dinner reservation and I knew I would need a steak.  I had read online that some ppl had to wait a long time to be seated even though they have dinner reservations.  We didn’t have this problem but we did arrive when they opened.

bread rolls

I started off with Emeril’s famous jalapeno cornbread and this new bread (on the left) which was stuffed with blue cheese and onions. oh my gosh, this new bread was heavenly. I love stinky blue cheese. What an amazing way to start off the meal.

filet mignon

My dining companions both ordered the pan-roasted filet mignon which came with butter braised leeks, sweet potato croquettes, smoked brisket debris, and gravy.  The filet mignon was tender and just melted on your tongue. My favorite though was the sweet potato croquettes.

steak fries

they weren’t kidding when they said steak fries. they were huge! When I think of a meat-and-potatoes guy, I imagine one of them eating steak with one hand and these fries with the other.

dry aged NY strip

My NY strip steak is from Creekstone Farms USDA Black Angus Beef which was naturally raised, dryed aged at the establishment for 17-23 days, hand cut and broiled at 1200 degrees. In order for a piece of meat to be dry-aged, it has to be good quality with even fat content throughout.  The moisture evaporates so that the beef flavor can become concentrated.   It was so delicious! I got it cooked to medium and a beautiful medium it was. It was very tender and flavorful.


For dessert we finished ooff the night with small desserts. We got the cheesecake-pops. It’s the new fad in the restaurant industry. Put everything on a lollipop stick. Very nice!


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  1. Monica Rigali says:

    Emeril’s Delmonico is one of my favorite restaurants in the U.S. My husband is still raving about the steak he had at Delmonico the last time we visited our son at Tulane. We hope he continues on to grad school at Tulane so we have an excuse to come to New Orleans, and to Emeril’s Delmonico. Great post and pictures!!!!

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