Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge, MA

Cuchi Cuchi
795 Main St.
Cambridge, MA


We walked in and I was immediately impressed by the costumes the waitresses were wearing. They looked like they were workers at a speakeasy in the 20s.  The ambiance was very 20s-ish too (look at that mannequin in the corner!) I noticed a ton of big groups celebrating birthdays were in attendance this night and the group of servers would surround the table and sing their version of Happy Birthday. This restaurant is known for their international cuisine served in small portions (do not call ’em tapas!).

blackberry cosmopolitan

I think ever since the show Sex and the City hit cable tv, the cosmopolitan became the “it” drink. All the cool girls were drinking one. when I saw it on this menu, I was drawn to the unique ingredient of blackberry which I have never seen before in my cosmopolitans.

strawberry basil cocktail

This cocktail is aptly named….it tasted just like strawberries and basil. A very creative combination, I’ve never thought of it before. But it works! This is one of their most popular signature drinks.

tuna tartare

We got an order of savory cornets with tuna tartare and avocado mousse. A cornet is actually an instrument, shaped like a horn. This savory cornet was crispy and flavorful. The avocado mousse was so light and filling. A very delicious dish.

cuban cigar

The cuban cigar was beef short ribs wrapped in pastry dough served w black bean salsa. This dish was awesome! The pastry dough was a nice contrasting consistency from the juicy beef short ribs. I liked the lightness and slight acidity of the black bean salsa.

grilled skirt steak

This Argentinian grilled skirt steak served gaucho style w a chimichurri sauce. The chimichurri sauce is a classic thick parsley, garlic and herb sauce.  This dish was sadly my least favorite, the steak was just too hard for me to chew. The sauce was good though.


This Russian dish was a thin pancake filled with a mushroom filling and topped with sour cream and caviar. This was delicious! Maybe because I am partial to mushroom flavors.


The Italian Bracioletta Ripiena de Maiale was grilled pork rolls stuffed with pecorino cheese, pancetta and garlic. This dish was amazing! The pancetta and pecorino gave the dish a delicious savory/salty flavor. Add cheese to garlic and I am sold!

French banana bread

This dessert is called the French banana bread extravaganza. It was grilled bread, topped with caramelized banana served with whipping cream and caramel syrup. This dessert was really good. The description didn’t sound that appealing, but it was amazing!


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