Eat Nola in New Orleans

900 Dumaine Street
New Orleans, LA 70116

orange juice

This cute little eatery is tucked away in the Quarter. It’s walking distance from Esplanade Ave which is awesome cuz that’s where all the free parking is. I’ve had to wait for tables before so today, I decided to come right at 9 AM when they opened for Sunday brunch. Guess what?? We were the 5th table! I couldn’t believe this! Oh well, as long as I get seated right away. The server was very attentive and came up to us right away to give us menus and tell us about their specials. We started off with a jug of orange juice (not fresh-squeezed!) and an order of the fried green tomato remoulade.

fried green tomato appetizer

Our appetizer was very pretty and quite tasty. The batter on the fried green tomatoes was crisp enough but not overpowering and you could still get the juices from the tomato.  I really liked the zesty tomato remoulade on the side.

crabcakes dumaine

Joe had the crabcakes dumaine which were 2 crabcakes topped with 2 poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, served with biscuit. The poached eggs were cooked to an oozy perfection and the crabcakes were delicious.  They brought out this house-made raspberry jam for Joe’s biscuit. It was soooooooo delicious!

devil cakes

I had the special pancakes of the day. The pancakes were “devil’s chocolate” mix served with a side of grits and scrambled eggs. I wish the chocolate flavor came through more. It needed the butter and syrup to enhance the flavor. But I did love the grits ! very southern! and who doesn’t love crispy bacon?

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  1. Nola Lady D says:

    I completely agree with this review. Everything is fresh, original, and so tasty on their menu. The only negative aspect is that the restaurant is so small, and the demand to eat here is pretty high! I haven’t stopped by EAT to check out their dinner menu, but I’d be interested in knowing if it’s as yummy as their brunch.

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