Herrell’s Ice Cream in Northampton, MA

Herrell’s Ice Cream
8 Old South St
Northampton, MA


This ice cream shop is known for their 200 flavors (except when I went to the store, there were only about 25 flavors up on the board). It has been named by USA Today as one of the top three ice cream businesses in the country and has won “Best of Boston” many times from Boston Magazine. So what would draw a sane person to an ice cream shop in the middle of the freaking freezing cold? Delicious ice cream! I kid you not, I was shivering as I was walking to this store, but the idea of yummy ice cream kept me trucking along.  When we got there, I quickly scanned the menu but there were too many flavors to choose from. They even have dairy free ice cream! (can that still be called ice cream? not sure).

my selections

The bottom scoop was the burnt sugar (their most popular flavor) and the top scoop aka the more photogenic scoop was the pumpkin walnut. It’s fall season, of course I’m going to indulge in some pumpkin. The burnt sugar tasted like Sunday morning waffles w maple syrup to me. The pumpkin walnut was delicious, the walnuts added a bit of texture to the creamy pumpkin good-ness!

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