Pho Danh in New Orleans, LA

Pho Danh
925 Behrman Hwy

After checking out many of the Vietnamese places on the Westbank, I knew I had to check out this place. The space is pretty big and clean.  Most of the patrons eating here were Vietnamese (promising!) Most locals know, that the biggest Asian population in Nola is Vietnamese. And whenever you ask one, where is the best pho in town? Sure enough, the answer is “someone’s house.” booo! since I don’t have access to someone’s house, I guess I’ll have to settle for one of these restaurants. Now I know everybody loves pho tau bay, but I wanted to give Pho danh a try. I’ve come to the conclusion though, that any place with “Pho” in the title is pretty decent.

triple color drink

My friend eating with me really likes this drink. She lives on the Westbank and said this place makes this drink the best. It’s got custard on the bottom, jelly in the middle and red bean on top with shaved ice.I tried some and it was pretty tasty.


I was so surprised by how much meat came out with my pho. There was a ton! And it was good quality meat too, not the usual fatty cuts.  My meat came out looking a little raw so I had a lot of fun sinking it to the bottom. Then I mixed the duck sauce and sriracha sauce with my pho soup.  Very tasty! I don’t know why people said their soup was bland, mine was quite flavorful.


I actually forgot the name of this coffee drink, it’s a piping hot concentrated drip coffee with condensed milk at the bottom and and then once you mix the first two, you get to pour it into a cup of ice. Dang it, I guess I’m getting old, I’m already losing my memory at 26.

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