Plum Street Snowball in New Orleans, LA

Plum Street
1300 Burdette St.
New Orleans, LA


I came here cuz: 1. it is freaking hot outside! and 2. cuz this place is famous for their snowballs. To me, snowballs seemed foreign until I realized that it’s just Philly water ice. Shaved ice (pretty thick slices) with various flavored syrups. The place is a hole in the wall. You walk in and boom! you see this counter. there is hardly space for more than 4 customers at a time, so the line goes out the door.

shaved ice

I got the two most popular snow ice flavors: nectar cream and orchid vanilla cream. The orchid vanilla cream has a soft vanilla ice cream flavor to it. I liked the nectar cream flavor, it was very bright and flavorful. Loved it! I thought the “pail” aka chinese take out box was really cute.

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