Sinh Sinh in Houston, TX

Sinh Sinh
9788 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX

boiled prawns

This is one of the options in Chinatown if you want fresh live seafood. We went with one of the banquet dinner options which is  a pre-set menu for a group of people. The boiled prawns were a little hard to eat because we had to peel off the shells. The prawns were huge!

chinese vegetable

This was a veggie dish that came with our pre-set menu.

chicken and corn soup

Our pre-set menu had this seafood soup but Joe’s dad told us that it wasn’t very good in his opinion and so he recommended that we get a different soup and then I saw one of my old time favorites the chicken and corn soup. So one of my other Chinese friends usually adds red vinegar to his corn soup but when I asked for the red vinegar, Joe’s dad told me that is usually used with seafood soups.

eggplant stuffed with shrimp

We got eggplant stuffed with shrimp in black bean sauce because it is also another of my favorite’s. It was not included on the pre-set menu but was well worth it. It was probably my 3rd favorite dish of the meal.


The lobster was fried in salt and black pepper batter. It was delicious! I wish there was more!

crab fried rice

When the waiter started to unwrap the leaves for this dish, I was thinking where is the rice? But when you lift this huge crab, you see all the crab legs and fried rice. So delicious! The crab flavor was in everything. And the crab was hug!

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  1. yesenia Ortega says:

    I used to frequent Sihn Sihn on a weekly basis. Their food is amazing. Sadly one day I saw a peep show poster that said ” The Pervert Show” with a picture of a semi-nude woman on it. After this I decided to not go again. This is a family restaurant and children and adults should not have to be exposed to this kind of visual pornography at a restaurant!

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