Cochon in New Orleans

930 Tchoupitoulas St.
New Orleans, LA

I’ve been to Cochon Butcher a bunch of times but I sadly realized that I had never been to the restaurant side of Cochon and so I had to remedy this ASAP.


I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty disappointed with the front of the house. I had called and asked for a table for 2, not expecting a Monday night to be busy, they said they were completely packed and the only available table for 2 was at 4:30. I was like, seriously? But since I had my heart set on dining here, I compromised and decided to eat dinner super early. I arrived expecting this place to be packed to the brim and rub elbows with my neighbors, but when I arrived there were only 3 other tables. And as we ate, my dining companion and I assessed that the restaurant was maybe 1/4 full at the max…..I read over reviews online that describe a similar experience. disappointing.

bread rolls

the bread rolls came out warm as promised! And the butter was easy to spread (I do actually keep tabs on which restaurants will send out the butter freaking frozen and you can’t cut it with your knife. You have to shave off slivers. But not Cochon! the butter was easily spreadable!)

pork cheeks

Since the reviews all raved about this dish, we ordered the braised pork cheeks with sauerkraut potato cakes, apple sauce & goat feta. Now, I’m a scaredy-cat foodie, I don’t like to eat weird stuff. But I couldn’t ignore the praises that this dish got and so I sucked it up and ordered the braised pork cheeks and I’m super glad I did. These were amazing! The pork was so tender it was gave way beneath my fork.


Being in the adventurous mood with my appetizer order, I went with the Cochon for dinner which is this restaurant’s name-sake. Cochon is the French word for domestic pig. These particular pig dish was pork shoulder shredded and than formed into a patty and then pan fried. Topped off with cracklin (the roasted pig skin deep fried, i guess there are no limits to Cajun cuisine!) and sitting on a be of turnips and cabbage (had a hearty Irish feel to it). The perfect meal for a rainy cold day. The food was delicious but I was disappointed at how difficult it was to reserve a table here when the restaurant was mostly empty…..


yup! shredded pork shoulder


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  1. I don’t know how I didn’t see this blog before I traveled. I will be following your food journey for the rest of my trips.

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