Horinoya in New Orleans, LA

920 Poydras St.
New Orleans, LA

This restaurant is actually one of our professor’s favorite restaurant in all of New Orleans. Dr. Harlan is actually a writer of his own food blog, Dr. Gourmet. I live pretty close to this place but haven’t really had the chance to venture over here because parking in this area of the city sucks. there’s very few metered parking spots.

spicy shrimp tempura

The shrimp tempura wasn’t really spicy at all (why is it called spicy shrimp tempura? so misleading!)  I wasn’t a huge fan of this appetizer. There weren’t very many for how much it cost. I usually expect these to be crispier (maybe cuz I got them to go, they lost some of their crisp with the wait and being in a container).

baked salmon

The baked salmon tasted super fresh. It was only marinated with salt. It was cooked very nicely and the flavor of the salmon was unaltered. So good! This was by far my favorite out of everything. Something so refreshing about the taste of fresh fish.

fried chicken

The fried chicken bits was not that flavorful. It was pretty dry. I ended up adding my own donkatsu sauce and it was pretty good.

crunchy roll

So this place is known for their sushi but I’m not the bravest of souls (I haven’t graduated to the level of eating raw sashimi. I need the other stuff like rice, seaweed, or sauces aka maki). I went for their crunchy roll which was quite good. This place is known for their constant level of fresh sushi. It was pretty good and I really enjoyed the baked salmon.


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