Hong Bo Dumpling House in Chinatown Philadelphia, PA

Hong Bo restaurant and Dumpling House
149 N 11th st.
Philadelphia, PA

the front

This is a Chinatown staple. And not for its buffet. Trust me.


According to local Chinese residents, this place has the best dumplings in town. You can get them pan fried or steamed, with pork or beef or shrimp. I went with traditional Chinese dumplings with pork and leeks.


I don’t know what it is that I love so much about dumplings. From the moment your teeth breaks into the doughy–skin to the drop of pork juices that fall onto your tongue, I love everything! You know how most people want to go to Japan to learn to make ramen? Well I want to go to China and learn how to make the perfect dumpling. Usually I’m all about Korean pride but Chinese people know how to make good dumplings. I originally thought I would need to find a darling little ol’ grandma to teach me but I was told that its actually the old grandpas who make the beset dumplings. who knew?


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