Pub and Kitchen in Philadelphia, PA

Pub and Kitchen
1946 Lombard St.
Philadelphia, PA

I really wish I could enjoy more of the hidden gems in Rittenhouse sq area and adjacent areas but you know me and parking. If there’s no good parking options in the area, I’m less likely to dine there. I guess this mentality will need to change when I move back to the Northeast and start taking public transportation.

their logo

we didnt find parking so we parked in a nearby parking lot (I know, I know. a little part of my soul just died too), and as we were walking up towards the entrance, I saw logo and said “Look a pig! Wait. no. that’s not a pig.” Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was some sort of fusion between a rabbit and a pig, also known as a pabbit. Besides the reviews about greatest burger in the city, I didn’t know much else about this restaurant (clearly).

Joe's drink

This Belgian ale had a nice carbonated kick to it. Even when Joe passed his glass over for a sip, I could smell the wheat-y-good-ness.  Very nice for those, who like me, aren’t fans of the bitter taste.

white grape sangria

I had the white grape sangria with some grapes and apple slices in it. It was very refreshing, perfect for a hot summer day (apparently Philly was having a heat week when I was there).

Churchill Burger

We decided to order both of the burgers on their menu. The Churchill burger has a custom dry-aged beef patty with sauteed onions and french fries on the side. The flavor of this beef just sang. So delicious! Joe loved that it didn’t have a cheese to take away from the beef flavor. I’m more of the “can’t have enough cheese” school of thought. And the burger was just so juicy~ And did I mention delicious?

Parliament Burger

The Parliament burger had bacon (yum!), English cheddar (double yum!), pub sauce and some crispy french fries. The only problem with eating this delicious dish outside was competing with flies for some fries! The burger was good (but not as flavorful as the Churchill) and I loved the contrast that the crispy bacon texture and the cheddar cheese flavor added to the burger.



For a side dish we had the sauteed kale with pine nuts and golden raisins. Kale has become a new favorite for me (luckily, it’s becoming a trendy veggie in restaurants as well). I kinda wish this dish had more flavor but overall, the meal was excellent.

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