Daiwa in New Orleans, LA

Daiwa Sushi Bar
5033 Lapalco Blvd
Marrrero, LA

2 rolls

It’s not often I go to the Westbank for food. And when I do, I usually go for Vietnamese food. But when I saw the reviews for this place, I really wanted to check it out. Since I figured i wouldn’t be coming back in a while, I got a bunch of sushi rolls at once.

mango salmon special roll

The mango salmon special roll has shrimp tempura, snow crab inside, salmon and mango on top with special mango sauce. This had to be my favorite roll out of everything. It was delicious and very creative.

marine roll

The marine roll has scallop, snow crab and smelt roe inside, tuna and avocado on top served with champagne sauce. This champagne sauce was out of this world!

spicy city roll

The spicy city roll has deep fried crawfish, snow crab, cream cheese, avocado and jalapeno wrapped in seaweed served with a special sauce. The roll was pretty crunchy. Not sure if the jalapeno was the right flavor.
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