Fat Salmon in Philadelphia, PA

Fat Salmon
719 Walnut St
Philadelphia, PA


Wow when you walk in, this is what you see. I thought it was so beautiful (maybe cuz my favorite color is blue) and mesmerizing. Gave the place a very happening-clubbing feel. All you need now is some loud techno music. haha. errrrrrr. anyways, that was the sushi bar. isn’t it beautiful?


Joe had eaten here before when he called me that night to tell me about dinner he raved about this dish so I knew I had to try it. The fried tofu were crispy and the broiled spicy scallop sauce on top. Very delicious dish.

sushi platter

Our sushi platter looks beautiful.

Hako roll

The Hako roll has spicy tuna inside and eel with tobiko and eel sauce on top. This roll is their famour “box-shaped” roll. We saw a ton of reviews online about this so we got it as well and out of everything we had, this was by far my favorite. Delicious!

Rolling fire

According to reviews online, this is supposed to be their spiciest roll……..really? maybe its a personal preference thing, but i did not find this roll spicy. and i was a little sad that the spicy sauce on top was the same sauce on top of the fried tofu. my bad. i should’ve read the menu more carefully.

Locust roll

The Locust roll has crab stick, cucumber, avocado and spicy sauce inside and spicy tuna tempura on top. This was a pretty good roll. The crunchy texture on top was a nice break from the sushi and rice texture.

fried ice cream

We got green tea ice cream fried in tempura batter. I am a huge sucker for tempura batter. I was so curious about the process and so I had looked it up.  The ice cream is actually dipped into the batter, flash fried and then stuck in the freezer so that the ice cream won’t melt. And then fried again to order. Nice! Overall, a yummy meal!


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