Empress Garden in Philadelphia, PA

Empress Garden
108 North 10th St.
Philadelphia, PA

3 cup chicken

So this is the place to go for Taiwanese food in Philly Chinatown. When I walked by the window, 2 dishes stood out to me. So of course, I ordered 3. This is the 3 cups chicken. I didn’t know why this dish was called that and so I looked it up and apparently it’s because you make it with 1 cup of rice wine, 1 cup of sesame oil and 1 cup of soy sauce. Out of the three dishes we had, this one was the most difficult to eat because of all the chicken bones.

eggplant with pork

This is one of my all time favorite dishes, eggplant with ground pork in garlic sauce.  Even when I got the to go bag, I could smell the eggplant dish beckoning me to the back seat. My boyfriend wasn’t too pleased that I had killed the new car smell with Chinese food. Oh well!


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