Mia’s Balcony in New Orleans, LA

Mia’s Balcony
1622 St. Charles Ave.
New Orleans, LA

St. Charles cheeseburger

I got the St. Charles cheeseburger to go. I drive by this place all the time on St. Charles and I’ve seen their menu when I walk by. So I was curious and gave it a try. I was not too impressed by this burger. It was practically burnt… And the bread was tough to chew. I can’t really judge this place based on this sole experience but I probably am not in a huge rush to come back with so many other dining options in New Orleans. This could’ve been a convenient burger joint. Guess I’ll have to keep driving the distance to the Company Burger

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  1. Andrew A. says:

    OH NO! I hoped you would’ve had a more enjoyable experience at Mia’s. I’ve tried many of their small plates and was rarely disappointed. I’ve never tried a burger but they do not look ( or sound ) good. Well we still have Charcoal and Smashburger both on their way to Magazine!!

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