Tony Luke’s in Philadelphia, PA

Tony Luke’s
39 East Oregon Ave
Philadelphia, PA

roast pork sandwich

We got their signature roast pork with sharp cheese and broccoli rabe. Oh my gosh, my first bite into this sandwich was just amazing! The proximity of my nose to the sandwich enhanced the sharpness of the cheese (I could inhale that all day) as the juices from the roast pork just went to town on my tongue (and down the sides of my face…..attractive, I know).  It’s easy to see why Tony Luke’s has become a major Philly sandwich staple. To be honest, I hadn’t heard of this family’s business until I saw them on Bobby Flay’s throwdown. But I’m super glad I did!


The cheesesteak didn’t shine as much as the roast pork sandwich. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t as bad as Dalessandro’s or anything. The cheesesteak was solid just following a hard act.


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