Tai Lake in Chinatown Philadelphia, PA

Tai Lake
134 N 10th st
philadelphia, PA

salt baked shrimp and scallops

So when we had called and placed our take out order, they told us 15 minutes and when we got there we ended up waiting even longer. Why couldn’t they just say 30-45 minutes when we had called? Finding parking in Chinatown philly is a nightmare. Since we ended up waiting for so long, they told us that our order was only partially ready and so they would give us what they had cooked so far of this dish and give us a partial refund on our bill……we got home and we immediately saw why, cuz there were so few! I still liked the dish but come on!

soft shell crabs

I had originally wanted to get one of those spicy salted king crabs but they were way over $30 per crab so I settled for soft shell crabs. It was a nice compromise altho you know, the flavor and texture were vastly different from the king crab. but overall, this place is well known for their fresh seafood options (they walk to the fish tanks (and frog tanks) in front of the store and walk straight to the kitchen where a nice boiling pot of water awaits. Since we had ordered take out tho, we didn’t want to get fresh seafood and let it go bad on the way home.  I would like to go back and check out the fresh seafood options and dine in.
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