Tea Talk in Philadelphia, PA

Tea Talk
205 N 10th St
Philadelphia, PA 19107

the front

What is a visit to Chinatown if you don’t get boba? It isn’t. Which is why I stopped by here on my way home. It’s relatively new (it wasn’t here when I went to college). It’s got a clean modern look to it. Prices are a little high but that’s expected with these newwer trendy places.

Taro smoothie

I know, I know. I’m boring. I always get taro. Gotta love me some purple drahnk! (bet you $5 you dont know where that quote is from. give up? dave chapelle!)  The drink was typical, tasty and refreshing.

avocado smoothie w bubbles

Joe loves avocado drinks, and I agree, this one had a very strong avocado flavor. and the boba was cooked to a nice chewy consistency.

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  1. Aweful! They didn’t even have lemon! Or green tea bags. How can you call yourself a tea place and not have lemon tea or green tea! Seriously. And the water is microwaved. I mean, corn syrup for “fruit” flavour is widely accepted even though it’s gross and fattening. Good lots of luck. I doubt, I hope this place does not last. The girls can speak neither Cantonese nor English. Not sure how that’s possible. You are in Chinatown!

  2. I agree with you!!! Their avocado drink is great! And I also love their blueberry green tea, taste great and keep me awake but not as strong as coffee which is just right for me. Very nice photos Julia, I’m wondering what camera u use ???? Anyway, like ur blog and photos! Keep it up!

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