Tru Burger in New Orleans, LA

8115 Oak St.
New Orleans

order up front

After eating at this place, I can now say I have eaten at every burger joint in Nola.  When I walked in, it kind of reminded me of summer camp with all the brown and yellow themed decorations. The outside patio looked very nice.  I had called in my order from their online menu and thought there weren’t many choices but when I got there, I saw they had all these specials on the walls. dang it!

double burger

My burger came with 2 thin meat patties, cheddar cheese, smoked applewood bacon, caramelized onion and tru sauce. The tru sauce is a unique mixture of steak sauce, soy sauce, and a bunch of other unique flavors. I really liked the flavor of the caramelized onions on this (it was one of the dominant flavors). But in terms of overall burger excellence, I’d rank Cowbell and the Company Burger above this burger experience.

fresh cut french fries

The french fries came out with chili and cheese on top. The chili had a very smokey salty flavor to it. The fries were doused in grease and oil.  Not great.

Strawberry milkshake

The strawberry milkshake was probably my favorite thing here. I liked that someone thought of the small details like getting wide-mouthed straws for milkshakes so that the chunks of strawberry could get through. This was the perfect drink for a hot summer day!

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